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Aaron Zick
Gordon Phillips
Joe Geisen
Classification for Assessment Purposes

This Letter is to give a definition of the difference between the Zoning of a property and theClassification of a property for Assessing purposes.
The Zoning of a property is based on a decision that is grandfathered in by the actions of a Township entity and their consultants at the time that the Zoning was established for a certain property. The Zoning dictates what can happen in that Zoning District and is regulated by the Zoning rules and regulations of that Township.
The Classification of a property for Assessment purposes may not have any relationship to the Zoning of a property. For instance: If a particular property is assessed as Residential for Assessment purposes, that parcel could physically be in any Zoning district in the Township. (Agricultural, Commercial, Industrial or Residential Zoning district).
The Class of a property is established by the Use of the property not by the Zoning of a property. If a parcel is small in size and has an occupied home on it; that parcel most likely will be classed Residential because the best USE of the property is a residential use and not an Agricultural Use.
If, on the other hand, you have a large parcel over 40 acres; if that parcel is not being used for an agricultural purpose: (planted in crops, cattle, etc.) then that parcel would be assessed as Residential because the use of the property is not an Agricultural use.
Robyn Kulikowski, Township Assessor