1964 – Sheridan and Albion townships organized a joint fire department called Sheridan Albion Township Fire Department. Prior to this, the townships housed their fire trucks at the Albion city fire station and they provided 1 full time fire fighter per shift. The station was located at our current location at 29 mile road and C Drive North. Jerry Sandusky was the first Chief, Harold Wilbur and Don Bienz were full time fire fighters.

1972 – Harold Wilbur becomes Chief

1988 – Harold Wilbur retires and Jerry Macqueen becomes Chief

1994 – Sheridan and Albion Township dissolve the Sheridan Albion Township fire department. Sheridan Township continues as the Sheridan Township fire department. Lance Lohrke was hired as chief and Darrell Lewis as Assistant Chief.

Full Time Employees
Lance Lohrke – Chief


Nathan Konkle

Paid on call Employees
Jim Powers – Captain

Donald Hawkins – Lieutenant

John Hawkins – Lieutenant

Mike Klepper - Lieutenant


Jeremy Blodgett

Howard Caldwell

Sam Chamberlain

Tyler Collins

Mike Lohrke

Greg Miller

Alan Morgan

Evan Pollman

Matt Powers

Nick Robinson

Marcus Smith

Rusty Smith

Rick Weaver

Jack Williamson

John Yirku

Sheridan Township Fire Department
13355 29 Mile Road AlbionMI 49224

Business phone 517-629-9152


 Formed Jan. 1, 1995, the Sheridan Township Fire Department is staffed 24/7 and provides fire protection and heavy rescue for the 2200 residents of Sheridan Township. We respond to 125 Fire, Haz-Mat, and Extrication calls each year. The township is diversified in its makeup including agriculture, residential, and industrial. We also cover 6 miles of I-94.
Burn Permits

Open burning requires a permit that can be gotten from the fire station along with a copy of the burning ordinance. To renew burning permits call the station any time you are planning an open fire. 517-629-9152

Our Fire Trucks Are....


2009 E-One 1250gpm/1000gal. Pumper


1998 E-One 1250gpm/ 1000 gal.  Pumper

1995 E-One 500gpm/ 1500 gal. Tanker
1995 Chevy grass rig

2007 S&S Rescue

2005 Chevy Utility truck

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